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A Product-Brief

When you want to get rid of the unpleasant smells and stagnant dry air, BPA free Home Spa Luxury Aroma Diffuser by Dr Trust is a right choice. The diffuser is used to neutralize the dryness and helps in humidification of air. The device also serves in removal of unpleasant odors, pollutants and other harmful substances from the interiors of the house. It is ideally used in the places where air-conditioning is prevalent for instance, the living rooms, to diffuse off the dryness. When used with aromatic essential oils, it emits a pleasant smell and effective for the improvement of the ambience. It helps in balancing the mind, body and the spirit as the aromatherapy with essential oils has healing properties and acts as a powerful memory trigger.


  • High-frequency oscillations of the ultrasonic diffuser membrane
  • Completely safe for people and pets
  • Noiseless
  • Easy to operate with ON/OFF timer
  • Three different colour indicator lights
  • Indicator light turns red when there is insufficient water in the tank

Features and Benefits

Improve the Quality of Air: It helps in removing unpleasant odours and pollutants from the home interior and rooms. When you have used essential oils, it will also enhance the charm of your living space & improves the quality of your home air.

Works for Long Hours: Holding capacity of the device is 200 ML and can operate for around 6 hours.

Quiet Operations: Due to the adopted ultrasonic technology by the device, it remains super quiet when in operation.

Aroma Indicator Lights: It comes in three different colours, which you can set according to your mood by simply pressing the colour-changing button. The first press will make it orange-red colour, the second press will make its pink colour, the third press will change it to light blue colour and the fourth press will switch off indicator light.

Relieve Stress: When used with essential oils, it relieves stress & soothes mind and body. It also acts as a wonderful reducer of inflammation and skin allergies.


Model Name Aroma Diffuser
Voltage 220v~
Power 9W
Water Holding Capacity 200ml
Mist 15-25ml/h
Technology Ultrasonic Diffuser

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