Dr Trust Aneroid BP (Manual)

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A Product Brief

Measuring blood pressure at home is easy with Dr Trust Aneroid Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor! Designed to ensure strong and durable performance, this device is equipped with a pin stop manometer along with a universal conical cuff of size 22-42 cm. The large size conical cuff makes it the most suitable manual BP for all those people who want to check their BP either daily or occasionally. A premium quality stethoscope accompanies the device to carry out the MP monitoring in a proper way. The device is easy to use with its clear to read dial. You can take it with you wherever you want because all its attachments can be packed easily in the provided discreet carrying bag.


  • High precision gauge
  • Bigger conical cuff of size 22-42 cm
  • Nylon bag for easy carrying
  • Lightweight stethoscope
  • Easy to adjust zero position
  • Clinically accurate and easy to use
  • 300mmhg no pin stop manometer
  • Single head stethoscope
  • Chrome plate brass air release valve
  • Integrated calibration key to adjust needle move


Gauge: Our device intended to attain a very high accuracy as it features certified 300-mmHg non-stop Pin manometer.

Manometer:Its high-contrast dial or manometer housing is outfitted with a heavy-duty clip so it can be easily attached to the gauge holder on the cuff. The device also features a key to adjust the movement of manometer needle.

Air Release Valve: The air release valve is constructed of hypoallergenic, crack resistant and latex-free PVC material.

Latex Free Cuff & Body Parts: Its big size cuff fits to arm size from 22cm to 42cm. The cuff is made up of polymer nylon, which is abrasion, chemicals, and moisture resistant. In addition, its other body parts are latex free to offer a better customer experience.

A Lightweight Premium Quality Stethoscope: We have also included stethoscope in the kit to use during the time of measurement.

Quality Certificate:Our device meets all set standards for reliability and accuracy.


Model Name Dr. Trust Aneroid Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor
Measuring Range 0-300 mmHg
Precision +_ 3mmHg
Scale Graduation 2mmHg
Type Aneroid, Upper Arm
Display Type Pressure Gauge
Accessories Nylon carrying bag, stethoscope, calibration key
Inflation & Deflation Technology Manual

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