DR TRUST Eco Recharge Zeus Personal Scale

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A Product-Brief

Eco Zeus Rechargeable scale helps you stay motivated to follow an exercise program to reach your desired weight loss goals in a short span of time. The device comes with patented accu-gauge sensors technology to give a high precision weight measurement to the closest 150 Kg. You just need to stand on the weighing machine, and it will show your accurate weight with two-digit precision. Its battery can be recharged through USB port by connecting to the laptop, tablet or adapter through provided cable.


  • Digital tracking of your weight
  • Patented accu-gauge sensors technology
  • Super strong glass body
  • Integrated auto-power-off, auto zero, low battery and overload indications
  • Led display
  • Easy unit conversion
  • USB Cable included

Key Features

Patented Accu Gauge Technology: Eco Zeus Rechargeable has 4 high-precision sensors which ensure accurate results every time.

Strong Glass Body: It is super strong personal weighing scale as its body is made up of 6 mm tempered glass, which is non-fragile and strong.

Hidden LED Display with Unit Conversion Option: It has hidden LED Display that shows weight reading in Pounds / Kilograms / Stone simultaneously. The Unit conversion option is also located at the same display and it becomes visible only when you step-on the scale to weigh yourself.

Safe Usage: The scale has round and smooth corners to prevent injuries and accidents during usage.

Overload Indication: The scale comes with overload indication. In case of overloading, you need to step off immediately to avoid damage.

USB Compatible: 450 Mah batteries operated Zeus scale can be recharged through its micro-USB port. Whereas its auto-off function helps you to prevent the wastage of batteries.

Auto off Function: The scale Auto off turns off automatically when you step off the scale or it is left idle for few minutes, which help to prevent the wastage of batteries.


Model Name DR TRUST Eco Recharge Zeus Personal Scale
Display Digital Display
Measure Weight In Pounds / Kilograms / Stone
Material Glass body
Weighing Capacity 150Kg
Battery Rechargeable 450 Mah
Functionality Tare Function

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