DR TRUST Gold Standard Blood Glucose test strip plus Lancets

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Product Brief

Dr Trust standard blood glucose test strips when used with Dr Trust gold standard blood glucose monitor aids in measuring blood glucose in both homes and hospitals. Monitoring your blood glucose in routine helps you to know the effect of the treatment program, which you are undergoing, on your blood glucose level. Strips are instilled with improved technology with safety checks and consistent accuracy. Lancets are available with the strips. They are used in lancing devices to collect your capillary blood from fingertip and alternative sites easily without causing any pain to the patient.


  • Suitable for self testing
  • Apt for single use
  • Must be disposed after use
  • Sterile lancet devices
  • Super fine needle with polyethene cover
  • A pack contains 50 pieces each of test strips and lancets
  • Requires just a small amount of blood viz 0.5 micro liter
  • Shows the results in 5 seconds
  • Adopts glucosure technology
  • FDA and CE approved
  • Alternative site testing

Key Features

Alternative site testing: These are GDH-FAD strips, which allow you to eject the blood out of many sites other than fingertip too. These sites include fore arm, upper arm, thigh and calf.

Tiny Sample Makes Application Painless: These strips require a tiny blood sample of 0.5µL, which makes testing less painful. This also reduces the pain in the fingertips due to repetitive pricking.

Quick &Easy Application: These are user friendly as fewer steps need to be followed for applying or taking blood samples with zero hassle. They ensure accurate results in no time.

When to use: Anyone who need to monitor blood glucose regularly (especially patients with history of diabetes) can use these strips. They are compatible with Dr Trust Gold Standard Blood Glucose Monitoring System.


Product Name Dr Trust Gold Standard Blood Glucose Test strip plus Lancets
Total no of strips in a pack 50
Compatibility Compatible with Dr Trust Gold Standard Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Required sample Only 0.5 µL
Operation & Results Quick and fast

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