Dr. Trust Home Spa Facial Steamer

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A Product-Brief

When you are looking for Face Spa in the comfort of your house, Dr Trust presents you with this wonderful facial steamer, which aids in aromatherapy facial. The Dr. Trust Home Spa Facial Steamer and Vaporiser is used to provide vapour therapy in a cold, the flu, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments. The device emits soothing steam, which penetrates nasal, sinus and throat passages making it easier to breathe. It helps in hydrating the skin and making it tender and healthier. The steam rejuvenates the skin by opening the clogged pores and adds moisture to the skin. It can be used for every skin type be it oily, dry and sensitive. It helps in curing acne and pimples, making your skin glow with radiance. The device acts as a simple, natural and effective way to heal congestion. The steam is effective for the parched throat.


  • A pure form of vapour is used in the operation.
  • Power Indicatort
  • Two Level heating control
  • Adjustable Steam controller
  • Exhale Outlet
  • Safe automatic shutoff
  • CE/ROHS Certification

Features and Benefits:

Convenient: It is easy to use and is provided with a beaker, which has the capacity of 40 ML. The steamer comes with a decongest oil which makes it more effective for healing cold and cough. A mouthpiece is also provided along with the steamer for a direct jet of steam.

Steam settings: It comes with steam settings. You can set the level of steam to gentle or full.

Automatic shutoff: The device comes with safe automatic shutoff and timer that enables you to customize length of your treatment.

Easy to Operate: The device is fitted with a power indicator, steamer, vaporiser, steam and heat controller, which makes it more convenient to use.

Benefits: Dr. Trust Home Spa Facial Steamer and Vaporiser is a natural and easy way to heal cough, parched throat, congestion, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments. It also has a function of rejuvenating the skin by hydrating it and opening the clogged pores. It helps you achieving clear and radiant skin by curing acne and pimples.


Model Name Dr Trust Home Spa Facial Steamer
Operation Theory PTC heating
Power Supply 110-240 V, 130 W, 50/60 Hz
Easy Setting 0/1/2 Switch Setting with LED indicator light
Can be Used For Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Sensitive Skin

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