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A Product-Brief

The Dr Trust Home Spa luxury cool mist dolphin humidifier helps in maintaining a healthy humidity level in moisture-deprived spaces. The device uses ultrasonic technology to add moisture in air and removes harmful particles from the air. The device helps in reducing the chances of airborne diseases by purifying the air. Ultra fine and smooth mist coming out of the device help in moistening your chapped skin and rejuvenate it to be radiate.


  • It is super quiet during operations due to the use of ultrasonic technology.
  • Easy to set up
  • No need of filters
  • The level of air moisture can be controlled by rotating the on/off dial

Key Features

Advanced Technology: Dr Trust Home Spa Luxury aroma diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology, which makes it super quiet during operation.

Convenient & Portable: The device is easy to setup and provides you an ease to transport from one place to another.

Adjustable moisture control: The device comes with an on/off dial, which can be rotated easily to control the air moisture.

No Filter Needed: This device requires no filter to operate.

Effective For: It neutralizes the dryness and removes the harmful particles from the air to purify it. It purifies the air and makes it better to breathe. It reduces the chances of inflammation and other airborne diseases. This powerful and aesthetically pleasing BPA free humidifier improves the quality of air, hence healing cough and congestion.

Warning: This device is not compatible to aromatic essential oils. If you want to experience aromatherapy, go for Dr Trust Home spa Aroma diffuser.


Model Name Home Spa Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier
Humidification Capacity 280 ml/h
Rater Power Consumption 25 Watt
Coverage area 200 sq.ft.
Dimensions 206x145x265 mm
Unit Net Weight 0.74 Kg
Water Tank capacity 2.0 L
Current 0.11A
Operation Time 8 hours

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