Dr-Trust relates its name to the highest quality of healthcare products and facilities. Holding the reputation of a global technology leader, Dr-Trust is committed for research and development of newer technologies in aspect of healthcare industry. It works tirelessly for the development and expansion of contemporary and existing technologies.

Dr-Trust’s quality management and technology is based on the vision of sincere care of the client as everyone deserves proper quality. Our certified technical support continually strives to work hard in order to improve the range, enhance their skills and increase their existing technical knowledge. Dr-Trust leaves no stone unturned in satisfying the highest quality of standards which can be well-proven through the standardised clinical validations.

Technology and Quality Management at Dr-Trust takes into consideration all the international standards hence, passes all the products through stringent quality checks and are manufactured from the auditable facilities. Before leaving Dr-Trust, each product is restricted to pass through the quality check in technologically suffused and advanced laboratories. We believe in adopting innovative approaches in the settlement of entire technical aspects at all the stages.

Advance fuzzy Algorithm for BP monitor

Dr Trust makes use of advance fuzzy algorithm for Bp monitor. The idea behind using advanced logic system was to control and optimize the complex elements so that the inflation and deflation speed control is accurately set for every user. It measures the pulse in very less time on routine and controls the deflation speed irrespective of the size of the arms. Thus provides the user with accurate results.

Accu Gauge Technology

Latest high precision Accu Gauge technology has been put to use for generating weighing scale. It incorporates a four sensor technology aimed to deliver the dependable accuracy that meets one’s needs. The accu gauge technology guarantees high precision to keep a record of your daily weight check routines.

Respiright Technology

Our Respiright technology is designed to provide relief from mild breathing problems due to airborne allergens and environmental pollutants. Resipiright technology works on the following principles:

Small particle size
High output per minute
Minimal drug loss
Low residual volume
High efficiency