Dr.Trust Blood Pressure Monitor is a unique and valuable product that gives the accurate and correct ratings. I was recommended for it by my friends and collegues and it is very nice and I recommend everyone to use Dr. Trust products and accessories.

Dr.Trust Blood Pressure Monitor Silver Line can be used without batteries (via Medical Adapter -not included)-Large screen & Cuff. Overall I am fully satisfied, worth it and would definitely recommend .

Great product. Dr.Trust Blood Pressure Monitor Silver Line
Machine shows correct reading.10 times I cross checked with doctor and found ok.
Best product and easy to use

This is a good quality pulse oximeter. I am using for two days. Almost correct output. It has display orientation change feature and display brightness adjustment feature. Display brightness can be adjusted in three levels. Usage is also very easy and easy to fit with finger. I found this on another site and it has a very good review rating.

Tried Dr. Trust Finger Pulse Oximeter in a reputed hospital where I compared its readings to a couple of other oximeters relied on by the pros. No complaints here. And that is what really matters.

I have purchased this pulse oxiemeter and i found that this product is very easy to operate and easy to carry.. the results given by this oxiemeter are very significant and accurate so thats why i recommend Dr. Trust Finger Pulse Oximeter to all other customers.

Nebulizer Elephant Blue Best nebulizer for children (and adults !!) We live in Delhi and from past one month the pollution has become so worse that even schools had to be shut down for few days.
My 3 year old son has been coughing since and would get worse at night or when he was trying to sleep. The pediatrician suggested to buy a nebulizer and I was confused which one to buy. Most of the nebulizers looked like machines and I was worried that my son would be scared and cry through the whole process. Best nebulizer for children (and adults !!)

i bought one in Dubai with German make and i spent 4000 rupees for my kids, now one need for my father who was living in different location.I bought Dr. Trust Nebulizer, this one is much better than one i bought in duabi.
Advantages are :
1. much small in Size and Handy
2. very less Noise (motor noise)
3.working effective
4. Mask fitment and quality is very good.

Dr. Trust Nebulizer is very nice and Reviews:
1. Small in size as compare to others and can be easily carried on journey.
2. Sound of machine is also low as compared to what I have seen in hospital & clinic.
3. Provided adult and child mask and 5 extra air filters, so no need to buy anything in near future.